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Introducing the Secretariat

Welcoming Remarks

by the Secretary-General, Yewon Ha

Distinguished guests of KMUN 2024,


Greetings! As the Secretary-General of Korea Model United Nations 2024, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 18th annual conference of KMUN.


It is truly an honor to host an event that promotes diplomatic discussion and cooperation. Your interest in international society and passion for finding solutions to global issues are exceptional. On behalf of the hard-working Secretariat, I promise that the experience in KMUN 2024 will indeed be memorable. 


During the event, you will collaborate to pave the way for a just transition towards sustainability, which considers not only the prosperity of current society but also includes consideration for future generations. In that, we encourage you to work together to improve public policy and public leadership across the globe to make a better world for everyone regardless of their difference in culture, power, or social status.


The Secretariat of KMUN 2024 will do its best to support you with the best conference. Infuse the stage of KMUN 2024 with your passion, vision, and commitment.


It’s your stage!



Yewon Ha

Secretary-General of the 18th Korea Model United Nations (KMUN 2024)

KMUN 2024 secretariat.jpeg
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