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Introducing the Secretariat

Welcoming Remarks

by the Secretary-General, Yoonseo Choi

Distinguished guests of KMUN Summer 2023,


Greetings! As the Secretary-General of Korea Model United Nations Summer 2023, I am pleased to welcome you to another annual conference of KMUN. 


Your talents, interest in international relations, initiative to participate in Model UN, and commitment of time and energy to make this conference a success are exceptional. I am excited and looking forward to meeting you in our upcoming conference. Thank you for coming to this conference. We are pleased and honored to be your hosts. On behalf of the hard-working Secretariat, I promise that KMUN S 2023 will mark that resurrection, the start of many rebirths.


During the next few days, you will work together to combat poverty and climate change facing our generation. In that, we encourage you to work together to improve public policy and public leadership across the globe so that everyone can lead safer, more prosperous, and more fulfilling lives. So, as you work together in the next few days to address critical public problems, you will pursue an objective and an approach that is very familiar to future leaders.


Dear delegates, it is when your conference is over that the real work begins. Every single conversation and resolution you discussed during the meeting could become a real-life solution. You may not be noticed at the time, but you are changing the world slowly by participating. Bring your passion, dream, and commitment to make KMUN your stage. This is your stage. Whether you feel confident or worried, the Secretariat of KMUN S 2023 will do its best to support you with the best conference and experience.



Yoonseo Choi

Secretary-General of the 17th Korea Model United Nations (KMUN S 2023)

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