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Q: What is the difference between Student Officers and Delegates?

Delegates or participants take on roles as representatives from each UN member state or other related organizations to discuss the global issues on the UN’s agenda. Participants research, make speeches, write resolutions, negotiate with other member states, debate to investigate international issues, and perform the parliamentary rules of procedure of the UN.

Meanwhile, student officers go through a rigorous training program before the actual event in order to moderate and lead the debate at Korea Model United Nations.

Q: What is the required level of English to participate in KMUN?

Since all KMUN committee sessions are conducted in English, it is true that some level of English skill is required from the participants. However, it is not imperative that the delegates be equipped with complete or near complete fluency of the language. Rather, it is sufficient as long as the students are able to understand the flow of the conference and express their positions in English. Because there is no established criterion to measure the applicants’ eligibility in this aspect, it is entirely up to the students to decide whether to participate or not. Please remember, however, that thorough research and enthusiasm are more important than eloquence for successful participation in our conference.

Q: What are the requirements to receive a certificate of participation?

In Korea Model United Nations 2024, you can receive a certificate if you:

- Have attended at least 7 out of 8 sessions in total;

     - A delegate must be in the committee room for more than one-half (½) of the time allotted to that specific session in order to be recognized as present.

     - For online committees, delegates must have their cameras on for the duration of the session in order to be recognized as present. Unless specified otherwise, a lack of visual presence will be considered an absence.

* For more specific information, please refer to the Rules of Procedures (RoP) of KMUN 2024. You can find the Rules of Procedure for KMUN 2024 on the 'Library' menu of our website.

Q: After registration, how should I prepare for the Conference?

After the registration is complete and your country and committee are finalized, you need to submit a "position paper" that clearly represents your country's stance towards the agenda of your committee. Specific information about the Position Paper will be available after your registration is complete. 

 In order to guide participants in their prior research about the agenda, the Secretariat and Student Officers will prepare an Agenda Paper, which is a document that highlights the key issues of each agendas along with a detailed background information.

Q: How many Position Papers do I have to write?

Delegates are required to submit one position paper about a single agenda. Committees will usually have two agendas, so Delegates would have to write in total TWO Agenda Papers for each committee, for Agenda A and B. Please refer to the document named "How to write a Position Paper" uploaded in the 'Document Library' section.

Q: Is there a dress code? 

The dress code of Korea Model United Nations Summer 2023 is strictly limited to 'Smart Casual'. This applies to everyone including the Secretariats, Student Officers, Administrative Staff, KPC, and the delegates. For more information about the dress code, please refer to the 'Document Library' menu.

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